In 1980, when Tamara Asher was inspired to create a high-end jewelry label, her husband Eddie’s entrepreneurial skill and her self-deployed artwork laid the foundation for what has culminated into Asher Jewelry, now one of the leading New-York-City-based suppliers of fine jewelry to high-end retailers around the world. Creating distinct, high end, designer products without the inflated price has become the hallmark of success for Asher, gaining the business of some of the most reputable retailers on a global level. Asher Jewelry’s collections consist of diamonds, exotic color stones, and color diamonds set in white, yellow, and rose gold as well as bridal jewelry. The designs are European but made for America's market. The pieces are timeless yet fun, sophisticated yet trendy, colorful yet understated, lavish yet chic, vibrant yet delicate, glitzy yet cool. Whether flaunted, worn elegantly, or simply accompanied to make a statement, they present a range of style and quality. Visit Asher