Proudly taking its place as one of the remaining family-run jewelry manufacturing companies, Mercury Ring was founded in 1944 and is currently operated by both second and third generations of the Bergman family. The key to its longevity and success is its flexibility: the company has changed with the times and reinvented its product line according to market trends. Another is output: beginning with a bridal collection that featured nine three-stone engagement rings, Mercury Ring now boasts more than 700 designs! Giving a contemporary spin to the "We Do It Your Way" philosophy, Mercury Ring bases many of its designs on customers' requests, offering a variety of choices with every purchase. These include a mix and match of interchangeable ring components, combinations of metals, and a choice of size, price, and shape of diamonds. Mercury Ring's professionalism is reflected in every facet of the company's operation, from craftsmanship to customer service. Visit Mercury Ring