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S. Eugene Needham IV Owner, S.E. Needham Jewelers

"I started working at S.E. Needhams when I was a young boy. In 1984 I was trained as a goldsmith. Later in 1990 I learned diamond grading and was given all management responsibilities by my father S.E. Needham III. The store had previously been run by my grandfather, S.E. Needham Junior, and by my great-grandfather, the original S.E. Needham. I guarantee the ultimate experience when shopping our store."


Needham History



For more than a century, couples throughout Northern Utah have purchased their diamond engagement rings from S. E. Needham Jewelers. Shopping at S. E. Needham Jewelers has been a tradition for thousands of families over the years. Lulu Holt Needham founded the store in 1896 and her husband Sylvan Eugene Needham Sr., joined her soon after. They worked together and took the store through WWI and the Great Depression. They had three children together, only one of whom lived past childhood, Sylvan Eugene Needham, Jr.



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When Sylvan Eugene Needham Jr. was old enough, he and his father worked together as business partners. In 1935, Sylvan Eugene, Jr. took over management of the business and ran the store during WWII and into the 50s and 60s. Sylvan Jr. married Doris Wilcox and they had two children, Louise Doris and Sylvan Eugene Needham III. In 1967, Sylvan Jr. passed away at the early age of 55, placing his son Sylvan Eugene III in ownership.









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Sylvan Eugene Needham III worked diligently for 25 years to preserve historic downtown Logan while expanding the product lines carried by the store. During the early 80s he owned and managed eight retail stores. He married Christie Smith of Newton, together they had eleven children. The first born was Sylvan Eugene Needham IV.





3 Generations History



In 1984 Sylvan Eugene Needham IV began working at the store as a goldsmith. He worked in the evenings after school and also helped on the sales floor before leaving on a church mission to the West Indies in 1988. In the summer of 1990, Gene IV was handed the store key and assumed management. Since then, Gene IV has received certificates in both diamonds and diamond grading from the Gemological Institute of America. He works daily buying, selling, appraising, and grading diamonds and jewelry. Gene IV married Julie Coppin of Logan, and they have nine children.






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Along Gene IV's side is his younger brother Joseph. In the spring of 1989, at the age of only 13, Joseph began working as a goldsmith. He took many jewelry classes at Logan High School, and to no surprise was outstanding. In 1997, after having served a church mission in California, Joseph became partners with Gene IV. Shortly thereafter, he was trained by master jewelry designers and goldsmiths at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Art in San Francisco. Today Joseph serves as the store's head goldsmith.










Gene IV, along with his wife Julie and his brother Joseph, have brought the family business to a new level. In 1995, the store was expanded and completely renovated. Almost everything was changed: the carpet, lighting, woodwork, and even the store colors. Also in 1995, Sylvan Eugene Needham V was born. In 1996 S.E. Needham Jewelers celebrated 100 years of business and received the "Retailer of the Year" award for the Cache Valley area.


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In 2016, along with the celebration of 120 years of business as 'Utah's Oldest Jewelery Store', the store welcomed Sylvan Eugene Needham V to the family business. This officially marked the beginning of the 5th generation of jewelers to the store. Upon Sylvan's return from church service to the Czech/Slovak mission he joined the store as the marketing manager. 









S.E. Needham Jewelers remembers its previous century of devoted service from other legendary employees: Weldon Koefed who worked from 1946-1984, Mercy Allen worked from 1940-1991, and the renowned watchmaker Mel Smith who has diligently worked at the store since 1938. Throughout the years there have been dozens of outstanding employees who have contributed to the success of the family business. 












Today, the success of S.E. Needham Jewelers continues to flourish by following the mission statement: "To provide the ultimate buying experience for each and every customer by exceeding customer expectations in service, quality, and integrity."