Watch Repair

We are happy to offer many watch repairs you need for your timepiece. We always have staff on available during store hours to change batteries and add/remove watch band links while you wait. Any other repairs can be taken in and assessed by our certified watch maker. 

Unfortunately, we no longer accepts clock repairs due to the retirement of our distinguished long time clockmaker, Mel Smith, years ago.We still sell our dignified Howard Miller grandfather clocks, and so if necessary we can offer help with any part replacement or factory defects of these clocks through the company manufacturer. 

Employee of the Century

Mel Smith

Mel Smith will forever be remembered for his watchmaking legacy. His incredible work ethic came from a lifelong association with the Needham family, first mowing lawns at age 11, cleaning jewelry and fixing clocks at 14, and repairing watches at 16. His watchmaker’s training and naval instrumentation experience prepared him for a lifelong career at S.E. Needham Jewelers, where he worked into his 80s. He never stopped expressing gratitude for a good job he loved and for the kindnesses extended to him by the entire Needham family over his life. “They gave me the best chair in the house,” Smith says, smiling at his friends. Smith was known for being jovial, a man who loves people and someone who always planned on working. Store owner Gene Needham IV says Smith “kept ticking” working until he couldn't anymore. He worked at S.E. Needham Jewelers for a total of 72 years and trained several staff members over the decades, including current owner Gene Needham IV and his brother Joe Needham. With his years of experience it seemed there was never a watch problem that he couldn't fix. Mel Smith's dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to excellence will continue to inspire generations of watchmakers to come.