The Most Common Engagement Ring Repairs that you will need

Your engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, meant to be cherished for a lifetime. However, daily wear and tear can take a toll on even the most well-crafted rings. Understanding the most common repairs and knowing that our experienced goldsmiths are ready to restore your ring can give you peace of mind. Here are the top repairs we frequently handle in our repair department:

1. Goldsmith Cleaning and Tightening

Over time, the prongs holding your diamonds can loosen, putting your precious stones at risk. Our goldsmith cleaning and tightening service secures each diamond by adding tension to the prongs, ensuring they remain firmly in place.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Protects your diamonds from falling out.
  • Restored Sparkle: Professional cleaning removes dirt and oils, restoring your ring's brilliance.
  • Longevity: Regular tightening extends the life of your ring.

2. Polishing

Daily wear can cause your gold ring to lose its luster, becoming scratched or dull. Our polishing service helps restore the gold to its original shine, making your ring look as good as new.

Key Benefits:

  • Renewed Shine: Polishing removes surface scratches and restores the ring's glossy finish.
  • Improved Appearance: Makes the ring look like it’s in pristine condition.
  • Preventative Care: Regular polishing can prevent deeper scratches and damage.

3. Rhodium Plating for White Gold

White gold rings are coated with rhodium to give them their bright, white appearance. Over time, this plating can wear off, causing the ring to appear dull or yellowish. Rhodium plating restores the white gold to its original, radiant color.

Key Benefits:

  • Restored Brightness: Rhodium plating returns your ring to its brilliant white hue.
  • Protection: The plating adds a protective layer, reducing the risk of scratches.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Keeps your ring looking fresh and new.

4. Sizing

It's common for finger sizes to change over the course of a lifetime, whether due to weight fluctuations, aging, or other factors. Our sizing service ensures your ring fits perfectly and comfortably, no matter the changes.

Key Benefits:

  • Perfect Fit: Ensures your ring fits snugly without being too tight or too loose.
  • Comfort: A properly sized ring is more comfortable to wear.
  • Preservation: Prevents damage that can occur from a ring being too tight or too loose.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Reinforces the prongs to keep your diamond securely in place.
  • Extended Durability: Protects the prongs from breaking or wearing down completely.
  • Preservation: Maintains the integrity and beauty of your ring.


Keeping your engagement ring in perfect condition requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Our experienced goldsmiths are equipped to handle all these common repairs, ensuring your ring remains as stunning and secure as the day you received it. If your ring needs a little TLC, don’t hesitate to visit our repair department for expert care.